The You Show

Professional Development Series Based on DS106 Front Stage / Back Stage You are the star of your own show, you are also the producer and narrator of your own show. The production skills you will learn in this seminar will help you produce more compelling ways of sharing your show using visual, audio, and and […]

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How About Some Results?

TRU Writer for English Courses Image Collector for TRU Biology 2290 TRU Writer as Platform for Online Journals John Johnston: Make Your Own SPLOT   Sound Effect Audio Stories IDeas: Instructional Designers Site Portfolios SHIFT: an open online learning resource (inspired by work at JIBC)

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“What Do I Do Here?” We have to acknowledge that we have not done enough as open ed techs to ease people into open spaces. Handing someone a fresh WordPress install is intimidating. And can feel burdensome.   Smallest/Simplest ? Possible/Portable ? Open/Online ? Learning/Living ? Tool/Technology ? Designed with two core principles in mind: […]

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The TRU Work

How I frame my portfolio: Digital and networked learning represents complex difficulties and many unknowns to all educational institutions. They also represent immense opportunities, and in many ways a mission for educators. Demographic and economic realities mean that organizations need to adapt and perhaps transform themselves in an environment of severe resource constraints. The very […]

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